Worried about your Drinking?
Do you want to drink less but don't know how?
If you want to get healthier and feel good about how much you drink this program is for YOU!
First of its kind “Drink Less” approach acclaimed the world over for its 97% success rate! 
So you don't have to quit drinking altogether!
If you know alcohol is affecting your life but don't want to quit completely… this 7 day Drink Less Mind program is GUARANTEED to help you get off the drinking too much treadmill.

Watch the entire video above and you will discover:
  •  The FASTEST and easiest ways to drink less, without anybody needing to know what you are doing.
  • The results are quick and effective – cravings disappear, replaced with healthier drinking habits.   
  •  100% GUARANTEED to reduce your alcohol consumption by up to 50% in just ONE week or more, irrespective of your heavy drinking past.  
  •  The best alcohol reduction program the world has ever seen before. 
  •  Approved by thousands of prominent doctors, scientists and health professionals. 
  •  Starts working straight away, and the good news is, you don't have to abstain for it to work. 
  •  Become that happier, healthier drinker you truly are without the guilt and anxiety.  
  •  Learn to reguarly drink less and feel good about what you drink, when and why. 
  •  Wave goodbye old shameful ways of drinking and welcome a natural 'drink less' approach! 
  •  No more sneaky drinking or pretending that you are drinking less than you are.   
  •  Rid yourself of the Booze Belly once and for all without having to think about it!
  •  As seen on Sky News, The Morning Show, and publications such as Good Housekeeping, Psychologies Magazine, The Times, The Guardian and The Telegraph.
7 Scientifically Proven Steps to Drink Less Alcohol without Willpower!
You may think you need to QUIT drinking because of what you have read or others have told you, but maybe you don’t?

Then STOP for a moment while I share with you a powerful program that shows you, in just 25 minutes, how to drink less alcohol. 

I WARN YOU THAT THIS IS NOT YOUR CONVENTIONAL CONCEPT however, this tried and tested program has helped 100,000s of people all over the world drink less, irrespective of their past drinking ways.
Can you IMAGINE being able to stop worrying about what you drink? The best thing about this program is that you will learn how to STOP worrying about drinking less and just do it, easily and effectively. 

Start living your life while still enjoying drinking, but just less of it, without the stresses and strains that used to come with it!
SOUNDS TO SIMPLE? TRUST ME, irrespective of your history of trying to drink less without success, the good news is you have incredible resources that this program taps into.
The truth is that there are many doctors, counsellors and psychologists who put everyone who drinks too much in a Drinking Problem box but the truth is it’s not one size fits all when it comes to drinking.  

I guess the truth is, you have tried doing the drink less thing with limited success, which is why you’re reading this now. Or perhaps you had a little bit of success but it didn’t last long enough and you ended up going back to regular heavy drinking and feeling awful about yourself.
Traditional methods of months and even years of being in therapy analyzing why people drink more than they want to, doesn’t really work. In fact, ironically, it can make people drink more.
Most people who worry about their drinking don’t feel understood and this makes them worry even more!

Alcohol cessation programs can work if you feel you need to stop but what if you don’t want to STOP? What do you do then?

Do you want to know what it feels like to enjoy what you drink in healthier ways? 

So STOP for a moment and think about how this might be possible.

My trademark Protocol is called 7 Days To Drink Less and this unique and highly effective program has been helping people from New York, London, Sydney to Cape Town learn how to drink less for over 22 years. 
Here’s Kylie's story... in her own words after she told me her where she was before and where she is now since completing The 7 Days To Drink Less program.
Here’s is her story...
Kylie, who is a very typical worried drinker that came to me for help.

And what she has to say, is, what I HEAR weekly in my professional life… 

Kylie kindly agreed I could tell YOU because she was in a pretty bad way before
And the GOOD NEWS, she is not now, so she is HAPPY to share.

I will also share other testimonials from men and women who have been brave enough
To put their name and photo on this video to show you how POWERFUL and FAST the RESULTS of this program are…

With photo’s to prove they are normal just like you in a few moments!

This is Kylie’s story.

 “I shudder when I think of this drinking story…

In 2012 my husband and I went to a colleagues wedding in the country. 

As it was a long way from home, we booked into the local hotel for the night with other people from work. 

I was dreading it because I’m actually very shy and I know my social anxiety can be pretty bad.

But, I also know I can drink too much sometimes in unfamiliar social situations, so I was already really anxious.

The car journey seemed to go forever and all I kept saying to myself was  ‘Kylie, just don’t drink too much. Don’t make a fool of yourself!’ 

On one hand I promised myself I would pace my drinking   but another part of me was busting for a drink to calm myself down. 

By the time we arrived people were already at the bar offering drinks.

My husband went upstairs with our luggage and I got that ‘look’ from him to say don’t drink too much!

This really got my back up. My husband can be the wine police sometimes, which really irritates me.

He can sit on a glass of wine all night. I so wish I could do that but I just can’t.

I thought sod it ‘why not? everybody else is drinking’ so I accepted a glass of champagne.

By the time my husband came down, I was on my second glass of champagne and having a whale of a time.

After a few hours we sat down to eat with some colleagues and my husband asked me to slow my drinking down. 

We had a massive argument at the table and he stormed off and said he would get room service.

I don’t remember much after that but I woke at 4am to find myself lying next to my boss in his room!

I was horrified. I felt physically sick and ran to the bathroom to vomit.

I had the most awful panic attack and saw my marriage in ruins

And my professional reputation in shreds!

I just couldn’t peace together what had happened.

I snuck out of my boss’s hotel room and made my way to our room.

As I entered the room, all I could think about was how shameful I felt and   how angry I was at myself and the same old questions came up. 

 “Why do I do this to myself!”

 “Why do I keep doing this insane drinking behaviour that I know is so destructive?”

 “How many more times am I going to repeat this out of control drinking!”

To my incredible relief, my husband was sound asleep but my anxiety was still just way too high
Because the night before was like a Halloween jigsaw puzzle that wasn’t complete, where I just couldn’t find important pieces.

I stayed awake playing out all these different scary scenarios about the night before and how my husband would leave me.

And one of the most awful things, was my boss… I was hoping for a promotion!

That morning was the longest morning of my life

I lay there so still just waiting for my husband to wake…

Dreading the conversation I knew we were about to have.

I rolled over towards him and gave him a big hug, hoping that would help.

He woke and said my breath smelt like a drunk on a park bench!

I started to cry as I profusely apologised…

But he wasn’t having any of it.

He told me as soon as the wedding service was over that day we were heading back to the city.

He was silent all day and even worse, my boss was ignoring me too.

I wanted to crawl into a hole and die that day because
I knew I had to do something about my drinking. I just couldn’t put it off anymore…

It was the most terrifying thought imagining my life without my delicious wine.

I kept thinking to myself, there must be a way to learn how to drink less.

There must be a way to get some sense of positive control over my drinking.

Because I knew I just didn’t want to quit.

If truth be told, I had secretly many times searched the internet for a ‘drink less’ approach
But all I could see were detox hospitals, years of therapy and alcohol addiction clinics.

I knew this wasn’t for me but I just couldn’t get my head around what to do and where to go.

Even my 14 year old son was critical of my drinking, which ironically made me hide my wine.

I often stashed a secret bottle of wine as a backup and pretend there was only one…

But I knew I was drinking two!

But who was I kidding?

I had to do something but what?

That day at the wedding fortunately, my boss finally came over and explained that I had got so drunk…

That he couldn’t find out where my room key was, so he put me on his bed, knowing I would wake up and go back to our room.

He reassured me nothing happened for me to worry about and that I just fell asleep into an alcohol infused coma.

I could have kissed him right there and then as this huge relief engulfed me.

So after the wedding, I made a commitment to myself I was going to find a way
HOW to resolve this drinking issue once and for all.

Then a few days later good fortune knocked on my door.

I was watching Sky News while getting ready for work.

I saw the presenter talk about a new approach that was getting amazing results in just 7 days.

Before my eyes, I heard this Australian woman talk about her opinion on…

Why people drink too much and that some of the medical profession just didn’t UNDERSTAND the real issue.

She felt that the guidance given by many health professionals was bullying,
belittling and shamed the drinker, which she felt was completely the wrong approach.

And equally it wasn’t helping the MILLIONS of people who just can’t seem to cut back on their alcohol reduction.

The good news was, that she suggested it wasn’t as complex as some people had made it out to be…

And that drinking was an emotional habit, that can be unlearned.

She continued to say that drinking wasn’t actually the problem

It was the ‘thinking before the drinking that was the problem’.

It was my AHA moment and this huge wave of excitement came over me.

I madly tried to record the segment so I could play it back.

Which I did. I played it over and over again, as my heart was racing trying to
WATCH it again before my husband walked into the room.

I wrote her name down…… Georgia Foster.

All I kept thinking was that MAYBE this woman could HELP me!

I couldn’t wait for my meeting to finish, so I could have a good long read about Georgia’s approach on my computer.

I read every inch of her website and devoured all of her TV interviews and the testimonials were AMAZINGLY POSITIVE.

There was hope for me now and I couldn’t wait to BUY the program.

So that day was my day, where I knew somebody TRULY understood me

As a concerned drinker, who felt lost and alone and felt there was nowhere to turn to…..until that moment.

And understood that I didn’t want to quit drinking and that I didn’t need to

Georgia’s 7 Days to Drink Less on-line program became my little bit of heavenly space to breathe a sigh of relief.

Within the first few days of listening to her talks and 25 minute daily digital recordings, bizarrely I was DRINKING LESS...

But it wasn’t just that I was DRINKING LESS, I actually started to really ENJOY what I was drinking and really tasting it rather than gulping it.

I noticed that each glass of wine was taking so much longer to drink…

Also, my husband commented on how more relaxed and happy I seemed.

What Georgia said in the beginning of the program was CORRECT.

People would notice not just that I was DRINKING LESS but happier within myself.

I owe my sanity to Georgia Foster’s approach

Not only did it save my marriage

It helped me realize my relationship with alcohol was down to anxiety and low self worth…

And that I could learn to drink less WITHOUT the guilt and the shame and feeling there was something wrong with me.

Part of the program is training your mind through specially designed hypnotic techniques that you lie down and listen to once a day.

Along with an amazing psychology theory that explains what really goes on.

Georgia says many people use alcohol as way to relax, unwind, de-stress, feel calmer, more sexy and an aid to sleeping or just switching off from a demanding day.

And to tune out of negative thinking!

I ticked all of these boxes and she covers all this plus more with a REAL SOLUTION!

And it’s seriously SIMPLE, logical, down to earth and it TRULY works!

My regular drinking is less and at the end of the evening there is wine left in the bottle.

And to my amazement over a month, I NATURALLY without even thinking lost 8 pounds of my booze belly.

Now that was a serious BONUS!
Now that you’ve heard the typical “drink less” story... do you see how quickly and drastically you and your drinking can CHANGE?
...and yet you don’t have to give up drinking altogether!

If YOU know you need to cut back and still want to ENJOY a drink or two now and again, this is the PERFECT SOLUTION for you...

It was the ONE THING that helped Kylie avoid losing her 20-year marriage, earn her kids’ TRUST back, and feel good again... and I know this program can change your life for the better too...
My name is Georgia Foster and I am an Alcohol Reduction Expert who has been helping people learn how to drink less with a simple, yet highly effective, results based program. 
My special approach has been featured in The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, Psychologies Magazine and Good Housekeeping as well as being regularly featured on Sky News and The Morning Show, just to name a few.
Listen: Maybe you have been told that you need to drink less by your husband or sister or, even worse, one of your children! How stressful is that when someone you love tells you that you need to drink less. Does other people criticizing you about your drinking trigger the following behaviors?
  • Sneaky drinking
  • Quick drinking because you feel anxious
  • Feel there is something wrong with you which makes you drink more?
  • Become an all or nothing drinker so you can prove to them and yourself that you don’t always drink 
If you tick any of these boxes, it’s time to move on and start to learn to drink less now.

And the good news is, you don’t have to tell anyone.

Unlike AA or abstaining, you will naturally be drinking less, while feeling calmer and more confident around the people who used to monitor or judge you about your drinking.
"She has hypnotised billionaires, politicians, actors and high-profile musicians, though she’s far to discreet to name names."
"In the day following I leave two (boozy) dinner parties sober, having had less than a couple of glasses of wine without giving it much thought. I feel stronger, partly due to a new awareness of my personal triggers."
“Let’s be honest: nobody wants to live in a non-alcohol world. But it’s about you managing your alcohol, as opposed it letting it manage you. It’s about not using drink as escapism from day-to-day problems.”
This program works for anyone, male or female, no matter how young or old you are and irrespective of your drinking history because today is the day when you can change all that.
Endless hours and new age approach not required! In just 25 minutes you are on the road to drinking less. 

Simply put, if you have a history of drinking to much, the good news is that it is your past. 7 Days To Drink Less is a program like no other you will have come across before.

AND it’s backed up by the neuroscientists of this world. My unique approach uses a combination of very specific hypnotic techniques along with a powerful psychology that will shift your thinking away from unhelpful drinking and into a state of trust about your ability to drink in a slower and calmer way.

It’s really hard to find this sort of approach. I’ve dedicated my life’s work to this program. The truth is; if you had the time to read every book on neuroscience, brain training techniques and traveled the world to learn with the best Jungian psychologists on the planet, you might be able to drink less. You could also Google to find out what works and doesn’t work or you could simply save yourself a lot of time and angst by downloading 7 Days To Drink Less now.
I normally sell this entire package for $184.97 but before I reveal the price let me tell you what you are going to get. 
The full on-line 7 Days To Drink Less Program includes:
  • 7 Proven Step by Step talks that show you How to Drink Less
  • 5 Powerful Life Changing Hypnosis Audio Downloads
  • The Drink Less Mind eBook that comes with 3 additional Audio DownloadsAnxiety Reduction Training with a Bonus Audio Download
  • 3 Add-on Programs selected from my Drink Lss Mind Afercarfe Program
“These recordings are absolutely fantastic! I have been concerned about my drinking habits for a number of years and have read and tried so many different things, but this program has been the ONLY one that has REAL lasting change. It not only helped me understand my drinking habits, but also how to CHANGE them. It enabled me to change to drinking in a way that meant I could still enjoy one or two drinks now and again, but know how, when and why to stop! A TRUE revelation... And I don't say that lightly. This program comes with my highest recommendation… It is easy to understand and I was able to apply it my life instantly.”
"I often woke up annoyed with myself because wine was stopping me from from doing simple things such as phoning friends. I found it so easy to sit at a computer or watch TV and would top up my glass almost unconsciously…..Since completing the programme in March she has managed a couple of nights a week without alcohol and when she does drink, a glass or two is enough."
Zoe was drinking up to 90 units a week while working in the city. She tells Sadie Dodds how she became one of the first woman in Britain to undergo therapy for binge drinking. "Georgia’s theory was that I was drinking to escape the immense pressure I was putting myself under. I lost two stone. I started making healthier choices, simply because I gained respect for myself.”
"My overall mood is so vastly improved that I am actually shocked by the change. My problems are still there, but I seem to be dwelling on them less and they don’t seem so overwhelming. I feel far more positive and I don’t feel I want to drink wine to escape from anything, including myself.”
Why does it work for all these people, including you? 
Take a peak at what you will learn below:
  • Powerful neuroplasticity techniques that change your emotional relationship with alcohol
  • My unique psychology training called Inner Dialogue
  • It’s private and can be used in the quiet of your home
  • No expensive therapy sessions
  • No explaining to other people you are seeing a therapist about your alcohol issues
I WARN YOU that after 7 days what people will notice is that you are calmer, more confident and just generally happier. 

Oh and I almost forgot to say, drinking less too!
So what is the price?
You get all of this for just $99.97
Why is it not going to cost you anymore?
I would feel stupid charging you more because you’ve probably spent more time and money than you have wanted to in the hope of that elusive solution to drinking less.
Oh… did I mention this?
What you will learn and will experience would be the equivalent of more than $2,500 worth of private therapy with me. You see, I am not cheap, but then that is why billionaires, musicians, directors, doctors and lawyers have knocked on my clinic door and achieved great results but the FACT is there is no need to have this price tag.

Now, remember what I said....It doesn’t matter what your history of drinking is nor how much therapy you have had or think you need. Transform your life by learning to drink less alcohol now!

Here’s my 100% iron-clad triple guarantee: If you don’t like my approach for any reason you can have your money back within 60 days. If you don’t like my hybrid Australian/British accent, I guarantee your money back. If for any reason you feel that it isn’t working for you, no questions asked, you can get your money back.

Experience tells me this. That you are tired of thinking about your heavy drinking and you want to get off the drinking too much treadmill. 

I warn you, don’t try reducing your drinking alone. I know 1,000s of clients who have attempted to drink less before they met me, without success. It’s not that they were stupid or a hopeless case but rather that they didn’t know what they know now. 

Maybe you’re not ready to get on with your life and enjoy drinking alcohol without the guilt? Maybe it’s just not the right time to deal with it just yet. I understand this but I can’t guarantee this price will stay the way it is for much longer.
Here’s a better choice that awaits you. Imagine seeing your life after downloading this program with these results:
  • Enjoying drinking slowly and really tasting what you drink rather than gulping it down
  • Improved stress management tools without a glass of alcohol in your hand
  • Better quality sleep while drinking less
  • Having sober sex and enjoying it
  • Losing weight without thinking about it just by simply drinking less alcohol
  • Healthier, sober communication, so you don’t need to drink to have certain conversations 
  • Improved clarity and better sober problem solving
  • Naturally drinking less than the people around you
  • The relief to know you don’t need to hide your drinking from others or lie about it
  • Being around The Alcohol Police and no longer being judged by them anymore
Those cravings practically VANISHED! It’s such a relief!
“This program is quite a strange experience to start with, but then I've never done something like this before. Just relax and don't question it. At first I was disappointed because I thought it wasn't working. Then suddenly, this odd thing happened... I haven't wanted to have a drink at all! It's not like the idea turns me off, but before I would think about a big glass of wine and it would only be a matter of time before I had got my hands on one (then two, then three). Those cravings practically VANISHED! It's such a RELIEF! I will definitely want to have wine in my future, but it's nice to think that I call the shots from now on, instead of the other way round. Try it, and stick at it… you’ll be AMAZED.”
So what do you do next?
My motto is to make it easy for you to drink less without the need for willpower.

Imagine the day YOU remain in total control of your alcohol? 

Imagine how this would feel?

Buy now so you avoid any further embarrassing memory loss or anxieties and fears that you have about your alcohol concerns.
Everything you need to know and learn has been put into this program so you can learn to drink less now, irrespective of your past drinking days.
Happy Drinking Less!
P.S. Remember the fact that you are worried about your drinking and need to find a way out of the situation. Women and men just like you, all over the world, have successfully learnt how to drink less with The 7 Days To Drink Less program.
P.S.S. I’ve spent 22 years dedicating my professional life helping people shift their thinking about their drinking. It’s my passion and I am here to help you. I guarantee you this price won’t last at $99.97 with all these bonuses, so click here now!
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